We have some gruesome and not so gruesome hiking trails which weave throughout the forest. On these trails you will meet a few small rivers, walk amongst huge indigenous trees, and encounter some curious monkey and maybe a baboon or two. If you choose a guide will escort you although the trails are well marked if you choose to venture on your own.


WATERFALLS (include transport fee)

If you wish to cool down at a secluded swimming spot on a scorching day then we have just the thing. The waterfalls are a bit far for walking but we are more than happy to take you to them. It will involve some hiking since they aren't situated next to any roads.



Not to bothered by hikers we have set up some spots off of the hiking trails where you can indulge in the abundant bird life that we have here. Since we are so remote and the area have not been populated, the bird life is astonishing. If you have some night vision gear it will come in very handy since the sky and trees really flourish at night with numerous species of owls.



The camp is about 600m from the nearest village which you may visit at any time. There you will be free to walk around and take pictures but most probably will not be able to communicate since Tonga and Chichewa are spoken throughout this part.


VILLAGE DINNER ($8pp - minimum 4)

We are very excited to be offering this to our guests. The village dinner consist of an evening spent inside a village with meals prepared by them in their traditional ways. The dinner will include meats, starches, and vegetables which you will enjoy amongst the elders of the village. A translator will be there to help communicate with any of the villagers. This will also include some Malawian style dancing before we head back to the camp.



There's three streams on the land, of whom two  flows into each other. We are busy building a small dam wherein we will deposit Chomba which is the local fish found in Lake Malawi. Within a few weeks you will be able to catch your own and we will be delighted to prepare it for you for dinner.